Last year's season opener - the very stylish and saucy "Anything Goes" at Sharon Playhouse - benefited greatly from the creative, intuitive talents of choreographer Justin Boccitto whose stylish flourishes and eye-popping dance movements heightened the show's success on every choreographic level. Here, Boccitto, who also doubles as the show's leading man Bobby Child, succeeds on every level imaginable. From rehearsal hall to stage, he gives "Crazy For You" the necessary oomph and sparkle it deserves in terms of style, character, mood, wit, engagement and dance tableaux. From high-energy numbers that include "I Got Rhythm" and "Slap That Bass" to the the buoyant, simply-stated "Shall We Dance?" and "Nice Work If You Can Get It," Boccitto, once again, brings an honest, refreshing distinct 1930's feel to all of the dances, matched by just the right amount of attitude, innocence, sweetness, boldness, froth, candy floss and glamour. Once he gets going, there's no stopping him, which in a musical of this caliber goes a very long way.

Under his expert tutelage, the cast performs the show's stellar dance routines like nobody's business (Boccitto wouldn't have it any other way), clearly demonstrating that the dancer is, both artist, showman and athlete, trained to tackle anything at hand (there's a lot going on here from one musical number to the next), with the elegance, symmetry, style, precision and the individuality it deserves. As "Crazy For You" unfolds, the dance excellence created by Boccitto and his talented ensemble is grounded in the choreographic versatility and lyrical expressiveness envisioned by the show's creators. Everyone breathes new life into the familiar songs and dance numbers and makes them fresh again. So much so, you wish you could hit "replay" and watch them again and again.

In the role of Bobby Child, a disillusioned New York banker who'd rather star in a Broadway musical that deal with other people's money, Justin Boccitto offers a five star character turn that's chock full of joy, charisma, personality and 1930's spark and razzle dazzle. As actor, singer and dancer, he's the real deal- endearing, attractive, smart and savvy. Make no mistake about it. No matter what he does, you're with him every step of the way. It's a role he plays believably and ever so charmingly like a roguish young Lawrence Harvey, a dashing Fred Astaire and a very debonair Gene Kelly all rolled up into one. He is also blessed with the kind of grace and easy charisma that defines every dance moment. He goes with the flow and makes everything he does spontaneous rather than rehearsed. And vocally, he deftly nails the Gershwin songs with heart, authority, wisdom and glorious embellishment.

-Jim Ruocco, “From the Desk of Jim R”

Justin Boccitto  - Theatre, Film, Music, Dance | Director, Choreographer, Teacher | Design by  REDO U Web Design

“Justin Boccitto amazes audiences, bringing simplicity and truth of storytelling, as well as perfection of sound.”

Matthew Donnell, “DIY Dancer”


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Justin Boccitto  - Theatre, Film, Music, Dance | Director, Choreographer, Teacher | Design by  REDO U Web Design